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What is Temples Paganus?

Blessings of the Gods upon you!

Temples Paganus is an organization in the process of becoming a 501C3 nonprofit. We are a Pagan group dedicated to creating sacred space for the community; to worship in spaces that are designed for us and dedicated to our many different deities. It is our hope that with the creation of these spaces, the Pagan community at large will not only find a safe place for prayer and meditation, but to organize for community service, practice stewardship of our Mother Earth, and to educate both ourselves and the general public about a variety of Pagan practices.

It is the goal of Temples Paganus to build temples, and have an official ordained staff of priests who care for the altars and shrines for our deities. It is not the role of these priests to dictate theology or practice, but to serve as guides and resources for the community as needed.

As our organization grows, we hope to publish more information about our collective vision and the roles we see ourselves growing into and supporting. Be sure to follow us for more information!

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